Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 4 Secret Scene Play-set

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Hatchimals Colleggtibles are the baby brothers and sisters of Hatchimals and now there is a beautiful egg filled with flowers and gems that is set in their special world -the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Secret Scene Playset Crystal Canyon.

The beautiful egg is covered with flowers and gems. Your kid can take a sneak peek by holding it up to light and look through the flower to discover the Crystal Canyon secret scene. This toy includes a Hatchimals Colleggtible with a semitransparent body that lights up when you put it on a light.

Features :

  • Let your kid enter a magical gem-filled world by pulling the flower and opening the egg
  • There are two possibilities Crystal Canyon scenes to hatch, the Preciously Pink or Blingy Blue scene
  • An exclusive Hatchimal Colleggtible figure is included in each playset
  • Recommended age: 5 years and up

Take all of your Hatchimals Colleggtibles in a gem filled egg of Hatchimals Colleggtibles with the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Secret Scene Playset Crystal Canyon