Hatchimals HatchiBabies Cheetree Assorted

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Meet the HatchiBabies!

Play with these adorable Hatchimals in-egg using their rattle and blanket! Wow the egg really moves! Help them to hatch and find out if yours is a boy or a girl! Care for them using the surprise accessories from inside their eggs!

  • Ages: 5+ years.
  • Includes: 1 Hatchimals HatchiBabies Egg, 1 Instruction Sheet, 1 Cheat Guide.
  • Hatchimals HatchiBabies are magical creatures hidden inside speckled eggs.
  • Care for them in their eggs and they’ll really hatch!
  • Will YOU hatch a boy or a girl!

Available in a variety of colours/designs, each sold separately. Colour/design is selected at random, we cannot guarantee which colour/design you will receive in your order. Images shown are only a representation and may vary.