Old Timer Bear Head Trapper 96OT

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100% hand inspected this classic 2 blade pocket knife will ensure you've got the right blade for the job. Traditionally one of the blades is kept ultra-sharp for those special occasions that require a delicate touch.
Blades made with high carbon stainless steel to ensure excellent edge retention.


  • 100% hand-inspected
  • 2 blade Pocket knife with Pick & Tweezers
  • Dark Brown Acetal Resin Handle
  • Clip and Pen blades in High Carbon Stainless Steel


Model: YU96OT
UPC/ISBN: 44356001861

Weight:3.7oz (105 grams)

Type:2 blade Pocket knife with Pick & Tweezers

Overall Length:18.8cm

Closed Length:10.4cm

Blade Length:8.4cm

Knife Lock:no lock

Handle Material:Dark Brown Acetal Resin

Blade Types:Clip and Pen blades

Blade Material:7Cr17(440A)High Carbon Stainless Steel

Blade Color:Silver