Scruff A Luvs Series 2 Blossom Bunnies single mystery pack

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Which mystery color Blossom bunny will you rescue; lemon drizzle (lemon), posie (peach) or Peppermint (Mint)?Wash them, dry them, brush them and watch them transform into a happy little bunny!

Just like real pets, scruff-a-luv love to be washed and groomed. The more time you spend caring for them, the cuter they become.
Each limited edition Blossom bunny scruff-a-luv comes with a brush and a flower crown.
Each scruff-a-luv comes with an Adoption Certificate.
Adopt all 3 Blossom bunnies. Fill out their Adoption Certificate and in return, they will be your FFF, furry friend forever & live happily ever after!