Sportear X-Pro plugs

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The first real performance breakthrough in a simple mechanical plug. Hear normal sounds and protect your ears with SportEAR's propriety sound valve.
Unsurpassed Comfort-Fit in Earplugs
Comfortable to wear is one thing. Our ergonomic design and soft, medical-grade silicone assures you of that. Comfortable hearing has always been something else… until now. With our unique, metal “Sound Valve”, hearing remains more natural sounding than you can possibly experience with any other kind of plug.
Best Hearing Protection
Logic might dictate that the Sound Valve running through the core of Plugz Pro would limit sound protection. But that simply isn’t so. This unique technology provides you with 12 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Unsurpassed by any other kind of plug.
Washable & Reusable Earplugs

The SportEAR Comfort-Fit Silicone solution is designed for easy maintenance and a lifetime of use. This non-allergenic material is durable and easily washable, including the Sound Value, to reuse as many times as you like. Simply wash and place back in its container until your next use. And with the attached, loss-preventing lanyard, you will be able to reuse your Plugz Pros for as long as you like.
Affordable & Disposable Earplugs
Durable and easy to use. You needn’t feel guilty when it’s time to say goodbye, because your silicone plugz are as affordable as they are practical. You never want to be without top-quality hearing protection.