Sportsmatch Tikka / CZ / BSA / Parker Hale Centerfire 1" (25mm) Scope Mounts

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Sportsmatch scope mounts will Optimize your Accuracy by offering a totally solid hold between your rifle and scope ensuring that your scope and therefore your point of impact will not move. However, we have over 80 models of ring mounts in our range so here is a brief guide to help you choose the best scope mount for your rifle and scope combination.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CHINESE MADE COPIES OF OUR PRODUCTS THAT USE A SIMILAR NAME ARE BEING MARKETED BY SEVERAL LEADING OPTICS DISTRIBUTORS.  GENUINE BRITISH MADE SPORTSMATCH QUALITY SCOPE MOUNTS WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE CAN BE IDENTIFIED BY THIS SYMBOL

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Tikka Scope Mounts, fit 15mm dovetail for 1"-25mm scopes up to 50mm objective's on most firearms.