Tetra Gun ProSmith 8" Universal Cleaning Rod

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Clean Barrels Quickly & Easily without 
Risk of Damage

• Heat-treated stainless steel for maximum strength
• Rod coated with DuPont® TufCoat™ to prevent barrel damage
• Features spinning Delrin® handle and screw-on Delrin® bushing & brass collar to center rod in barrel and to prevent scraping
• Made in USA
• Fits standard accessories:
.17 Cal.: 5-40 thread
.22 - .30 Cal.: 8-32 thread
Shotgun: 5/16 - 27 thread

Premium Universal Pistol Rod

Made from #303 heat-treated stainless steel and DuPont® TufCoat™ coated for maximum barrel protection. ProSmith™ 8” pistol cleaning rods are equipped with exclusive Delrin® handle with screw-on bushing and brass collar for maximum comfort and cleaning efficiency. Effectively cleans all handguns, .22 caliber and larger.