Zerek 130mm Ripper Diver Lure - 1m Dive Depth Floating Hard Body Fishing Lure

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The Zerek Ripper diver comes in three sizes and three diving depths to give anglers unparalleled options on the water.

Constructed from ABS plastics and fitted out with tough hardware that can take the punishment, the Zerek ripper diver has a unique action that Barra, Murray cod, mulloway and even snapper cannot resist.

The three sizes include a 90mm, 110mm and 130mm and the three diving depths that are available across all the models include a 1m diver, a 3m diver and a 5m diver.

11 colours are found throughout the range and include ultra-realistic baitfish patterns, bright attractor patterns and traditional metallics.





Zerek Ripper Diver 130mm, 1m diver