Sweets 7.62 solvent 200ml

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A Longtime Favorite Of Benchrest Shooters and Varmint Hunters; Quickly Removes Copper and Powder Fouling Non-abrasive, foaming-action, solvent and cleaner aggressively attacks the toughest copper, lead and plastic deposits. Dissolves baked-in carbon and powder residue in the difficult-to-clean throat area. Extra strength, instantly strips out the heaviest copper fouling in minutes, using only patches or mops. May be harmful to some plastic, painted, varnished or synthetic stock finishes.
Sweet 7.62 Bore Cleaning Solvent:
  • 5 percent Ammonia, non-acidic
  • Does not harm steel
  • Removes copper fouling from bore
  • It is recommended to condition bore with a quality gun oil after use